Student Laptop Web Content Filter FAQ

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What is the Filter?

The filtering solution is a combination of the Bascom Anywhere Filter (installed as a local client on the student machine) and the Frontera Firewall appliance installed at the school.

How does the Filter work?

When a website is requested, it is checked against the filter rules on the Frontera appliance at the school. As long as the website is on the allow list for that filter, the website loads as normal. If the website is not allowed, then the student receives a block page with both the name of the filter that is currently affecting the student and the category for the website which resulted in the block result. These categories are how all websites are classified and sometimes these sites have more than one category that applies to them. In this case, a single block results in the request being denied.

Why are you putting a filter on the machines at home now?

It has come to the school’s attention that a number of parents were struggling with monitoring student activity on the laptops provided by the school program. It was decided that since the machines still belong to the school, (under lease) that the school should provide some additional support for the parents that were having these issues.

What exactly is blocked content at home? At School?

There are actually two separate filters at work in the new system. The filter that applies at school is much more restrictive in that it blocks a number of social media outlets (facebook, tumblr, twitter) as well as online sales offerings. The other filter which affects the machine outside of the school limits itself to blocking adult content, violence websites, and malicious websites (known for viruses). Social media is available once the students leave the school grounds.

Are the parents able to modify the filter for their children to allow specific web sites?

If there is a site that is coming up blocked and parents believe that it shouldn’t be, please contact Clint Forney at so that he can review the site and add it to the allowable sites list.

Are the parents able to opt out of the filter at home program?

If your family wishes not to have the BASCOM filter installed for home use, we are offering this option. To indicate your desire to opt out please visit You will be required to use your NetClassroom username and password* (not your student’s) and indicate the reason you’ve chosen to opt out. If you plan to opt out, this must be completed by the end of the day on Friday October 25th, 2013, or when enrolling your student. Requests submitted after this point will require a $25 licensing recovery fee.

* If you have forgotten your username and/or password, click here to go to the opt-out form, click Log in to start, then click the Forgotten Password link. If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder, or contact the school.

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