Meet the Staff: Ms Judith Sherman

English and Theology Departments

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How long have you been employed at PND?

Six Years

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Would you please describe your job (in a nutshell)?

“I teach  Junior year theology which includes two courses:  Eccesiology and Sacraments Christology and Discipleship Senior year World Literature”

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What might surprise your friends or colleagues to learn about your job?

What surprises my friends who are not teachers is the amount of time outside of school required to prep for my classes and to grade student work.

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Which TV show(s) do you never miss?

I watch very little TV.  I don’t even have cable – gasp!  What little I sporadically watch is through Netflix.  I enjoy Sherlock (BBC), Psych, and … what will be a surprise to many … Sons on Anarchy.

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If you could meet anyone in the world—dead or alive—who would it be and what would you say to them?

If I could meet anyone, it would be Mother Teresa.  I would thank her for be a blessing to the dying of Calcutta and a beautiful model of living the Gospel to the rest of us.

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What are three things you never leave the house without (besides wallet/purse, keys, cell phone)?

My purse, keys, and cellphone are the only things that I never leave home without.  I like to travel light.

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You’ve been given access to a time machine. Where are you going, and what time period?

When I was five years old, I received a miniature of Disney’s King Arthur’s castle.  Ever since then I have had a fascination with medieval England.

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What reality show would you go on and why?

Since I watch so little television, I am not familiar with any reality shows other than Hell’s Kitchen and Survivor, and I have only watched a few episodes of each of those.  Since I am not a chef, I would say Survivor.   The physical and social aspects of it would be exciting challenges.

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Who is the most famous person you have met?

Fred Couples at a practice round of the Masters

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What was your first job, and what was it like?

My first job was at Ponderosa Steak House on Knoxville Ave. here in Peoria.  I bussed tables and ran the roll and drink stations.  I came home every night smelling of cheap grilled steak and a side of baked potato.

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What is the best part about working at PND?

The best part of working at PND is that my faith and relationship with God is encouraged as the foundation of my relationships with my students and colleagues.  And I get paid for that.

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What do you do when you aren’t working?

Being a single mom of two teenagers and two adult children takes up most of my time outside of work.  But I do enjoy reading, gardening, and an evening out with friends and family listening to the live music of South Side Cindy and the Sliptones–the band in which my older brother plays. I absolutely love to travel on school breaks.

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