Important Information Regarding the 2014-15 Academic Year

Informative Statement

In mid-June of 2014, Msgr. Mark J. Merdian will be assigned as pastor to a large parish in the Diocese of Peoria at the direction of the Most Reverend Daniel R. Jenky, C.S.C, where his pastoral leadership is needed. Although Msgr. Merdian will miss his interaction with the students, staff, parents, donors, and alumni of Peoria Notre Dame High School, he is also looking forward to being engaged with parish ministry once again. Peoria Notre Dame has been fortunate to have a priest in the role of full-time President these past few years, but the needs of the Diocese will not allow for this position to be filled for next year.

In light of this new assignment, the President-Principal model of governance will be temporarily suspended at Peoria Notre Dame High School and be governed next year by the Principal model which is utilized in all the other high schools located in the Catholic Diocese of Peoria. Bishop Jenky is also pleased to announce his appointment of Mr. Randy Simmons as the new principal for Peoria Notre Dame High School. Mr. Simmons has extensive teaching and administrative experience, and has displayed a true commitment to Catholic education and the spiritual and academic growth of our school. Mr. Simmons will have the assistance of two assistant principals, Sr. Margaret Schultz CSJ and Dr. Susie Cicciarelli to continue building the religious and academic excellence of the high school.

The building campaign, “Honoring Our Past: Building Our Future” will continue to move forward. A full-time Development Director will be hired to continue the good work already begun by Msgr. Watson, Msgr. Merdian, the President’s Office, the Leadership Team and so many others. Peoria Notre Dame is blessed with many great supporters and will continue to advance this visionary project for the good of the students and the school.

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