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Photo of Ms Karen Ball
Ms Karen Ball Student Services
Photo of Mr Mike Bare
Mr Mike Bare Technology Coordinator
Photo of Ms Mary Bean
Ms Mary Bean Spanish
Photo of Mr Matt Blackford
Mr Matt Blackford Director of Athletics, Theology
Photo of Mrs Peggy Sue Brown
Mrs Peggy Sue Brown Computer Science
Photo of Mrs Jill Bucher
Mrs Jill Bucher Science
Photo of Mr Kevin Burk
Mr Kevin Burk Business
Photo of Ms Diane Butler
Ms Diane Butler Campus Ministry, Theology
Photo of Mr Roger Callahan
Mr Roger Callahan Math
Photo of Mr Gary Callow
Mr Gary Callow Spanish
No Photo Available
Mr John Carroll Spanish, Theology
Photo of Dr Susie Cicciarelli
Dr Susie Cicciarelli Assistant Principal, Speech
Photo of Ms Amanda Connon
Ms Amanda Connon Band Director
Photo of Mrs Jeanne Crotteau
Mrs Jeanne Crotteau Math
Photo of Mr Aaron E Cunningham
Mr Aaron E Cunningham Technology Coordinator
Photo of Mr John Donnelly
Mr John Donnelly Theology, Spanish, Films
Photo of Sr Mary Esther Downey
Sr Mary Esther Downey Theology
No Photo Available
Mr Curt Dworsack Head of Maintenance
Photo of Mrs Laura Emhoff
Mrs Laura Emhoff Math

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