COVID-19 Updates

Dear PND Family, 
God bless you. First of all, please know we hold each one of you in our prayers during this unprecedented time. Though the times are uncertain, the Lord and his love are not. We can abandon ourselves into his loving care and trust Him completely. In the middle of the sufferings and difficulties of this world, the Lord always seeks to enter into our midst and bring something good and beautiful forth from these very sufferings. We may feel uncertain about the future, but we can be certain about the Lord’s total providence during this time. 

Please know that it is our ultimate goal to continue to provide the excellent spiritual, human and academic formation that PND prides itself on so much. We are truly #Proud to be PND, and we know that the beauty and strength of our PND Family will continue to shine even more brightly during this time. We have an amazing group of educators that are working so hard to not only continue to educate our students, but to connect with them and build community and fraternity during this time of “social distance.” We have already seen some monumental and inspiring efforts from so many of our teachers! Please continue to pray for the whole PND community during this time. 

In this page, we would like to keep you updated with the most important information and announcements about the school, e-learning and other activities. We will update daily with new and current information.


Timeline: Our next e-learning day will be on March 30. Per directive of the Bishop, all diocesan schools will remain closed through Monday, April 13. The (tentative) first day back at school would be Tuesday, April 14. As we get closer to this date, if this closure is extended, we will communicate with all families to let them know.  From March 30 through April 13, all learning will be done online. We will not have online “school” on Good Friday (April 10) or Easter Monday (April 13).

Feedback: Our first e-learning day on March 18 went well. If you would like to offer any feedback on the day, please fill out this form

Attendance: On each e-learning day, students are required to fill out the attendance form between 6am and 10:15am every day. Teachers will post assignments each day by 9:30am. 

Live Classes: There will be a live class (through Zoom) daily at 10am. Students are required to attend. The schedule is as follows:
Period 1: Every Mondays (at 10am)
Period 2: Every Tuesday (at 10am)
Period 3: Every Wednesday (at 10am)
Period 4: Every Thursday (at 10am)
Period 5: Every Friday (at 10am)

AP Classes: AP teachers will reach out to their students to schedule study sessions for AP exams. More information on these exams will be coming from College Board in the coming weeks. They are currently working on their plans if schools remain closed long-term.

Spiritual Resources

There are many different spiritual resources available during this time. In this moment, the Lord is granting us the gift of time, and we pray that we use it well, to spend more time with Him. Despite the absence of the Sacraments, many parishes are providing online Masses and Adoration. As well, there is a plethora of online resources for ongoing formation. Here we will highlight just a few.

Live streaming of Mass and Adoration:

Servants of the Pierced Hearts of Jesus and Mary:
Daily (Mon-Thurs): Adoration all day (7am-7pm); Rosary 11am; Vespers 4pm; Mass 4:30pm
Friday: 4pm Vespers, 4:30pm Stations of the Cross, 7pm Mass and Eucharistic Cenacle
Saturday: 12:30pm Mass
Sunday: 2:30pm Mass

St. Philomena’s Daily Mass with Fr. David:
Daily (Mon-Sat): 8am

Bishop Robert Barron Daily Mass:
Video is posted at 8:15am daily

Spiritual Formation: – Tons of online formation: audio books, e-books, movies, audio, and much more

Plenary Indulgence:

Pope Francis just offered the possibility of a special plenary indulgence to the faithful in the Church throughout the world. It is available to anyone. Please take a look at the requirements here. Please take advantage of this incredible and special grace!

Social Media

Please connect to us through social media, we are posting lots of great information, stories, updates and more!

Facebook: Peoria Notre Dame
Instagram: pnd_hs
Twitter: @pndhs

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