COVID-19 Updates

Dear Students,

May Love Always Triumph!
God bless you. Earlier you received an email explaining some details about the upcoming weeks. I would like to offer some further explanation and clarification on the e-learning days coming in the next few weeks.
We will have 2 e-learning days in the next 2 weeks. The first one will be tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18. The second one will be Monday, March 30. There will be NO e-learning day from March 23-27 because it will be spring break. After that, we do not know what we will be doing yet. We only know that school has been cancelled by the State of IL through March 30. At this point, we could return to school on March 31, or they could extend the school closure for a longer period of time.
A few comments about these 2 upcoming e-learning day (March 18 and 30). The days between March 17-30 have been deemed “Act of God” days by the State of IL, which means they will not be counted as instructional days and will not be made up at the end of the year. Grades given in these 2 days will ONLY be able to help a student’s grade, but will not bring it down in any way.
We are doing e-learning days on March 18 and 30 and asking you to complete the assignments and fill out the attendance form on the front page of our website.  These 2 e-learning days will help us make sure that our e-learning policies and structures will be effective and ready to go, should we have to use them long term after March 30.
As well, the E-Learning document we attached to yesterday’s email outlines the details of what we would do IF school remains canceled after March 30 and the days following become official Instructional Days, counted as actual days of school. Going through these days as if they were actual instructional days also allows you to better offer feedback on the policies and allows us to make adaptations if necessary.
Thank you all for your prayers and patience as we navigate through these uncharted waters together. I know it is not what anyone envisioned or desired for this school year, but let us try our best to embrace the difficulties and allow the Lord to do something special in us during this time. I am grateful for all of you, and my prayers are with you all.
United in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
Sr. Sara Kowal, SCTJM 
Principal, Peoria Notre Dame High School
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