School Model

Peoria Notre Dame’s school model is unlike any other in central Illinois.  Our trimester system, extended class periods, and rotating schedule create a unique learning environment for our students. 

Trimester System

Peoria Notre Dame utilizes a trimester system with three 12-week grading periods, known as trimesters.  During each trimester, students only take five classes, which allows for greater focus on each course. Additionally, the trimester systems allows students to take more elective courses during their time at Peoria Notre Dame.  Students have the opportunity to earn an additional two credits over the course of four years.

Extended Class Periods

Class periods at Peoria Notre Dame High School are 65 minutes.  This extended time provides opportunities for in-depth discussions, long-term projects, and hand-on activities.  

Rotating Schedule

Students at Peoria Notre Dame follow a five-day rotating schedule, meaning that students have each class at a different time each day.  While the concept of a rotating schedule may sound complicated, the school has display boards posted throughout the building reminding students of the day’s rotation.  The rotating schedule builds variety into each school day and accommodates student-athletes who may leave school early for competitions.