Your high school years are an important time for you to continue your development. According to our Peoria Notre Dame High School Mission, our school’s purpose is to:
nurture the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, & physical development of our students by teaching the Catholic faith and leading students to be Disciples of Jesus Christ and by teaching the arts and sciences in a climate of academic inquiry.
The PND staff believe that its curricular offerings provide students the opportunity to prepare themselves to meet the many and varied challenges and opportunities they will encounter in this global, dynamic 21st Century through our Catholic, value-based curriculum.
Freshmen & Sophomore (Grades 09 & 10)
The students’ curricular offerings are mostly prescribed to enable the students to meet core graduation requirements.
Junior & Senior (Grades 11 & 12)
The students’ curricular offerings provide more opportunity for elective choices. In order for students to be eligible for graduation, they are required to successfully complete specific courses as they earn a minimum of 27 units of credit, to successfully complete the Diocese of Peoria Religion Assessment, and to successfully complete 100 hours of Christian Service.
Transfer Students
If a student transfers to Peoria Notre Dame High School after being enrolled in another high school, the number of Theology Credits and the number of Christian Service Hours are pro-rated.
Parents/guardians are encouraged to discuss with their students the necessity to carefully plan their course of study for each year as well as to take time to plan their four-year course of study. This planning process should be related to the students’ desired next step after high school. For students who are planning to continue schooling after high school completion, it is important to explore career options, as different careers may require a certain sequence of courses. The Peoria Notre Dame High School Counseling Center personnel are here to assist students and families with planning their students’ present course of study and exploring the four-year plan of study. It is important for students and parents/guardians to gather information regarding college/university entrance requirements early so that the students are appropriately prepared to make application to the post-secondary school of their choice in a timely manner. Admissions dates vary by college/university. All students at Peoria Notre Dame High School are required to successfully complete eight trimesters of theology. The designated grade level theology courses provide the students with the opportunity to renew and deepen their understanding of the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church as they continue their faith journey. Students are challenged to deepen their respect for living a moral, value-driven life style. As stated in the Peoria Notre Dame High School vision statement, the Peoria Notre Dame High School staffs’ duty is to teach its students to:
imitate Christ, to think critically, to communicate effectively, to act justly, to draw from the richness of Christian heritage, and to respond with compassion to their peers, their family, and their community.
The Peoria Notre Dame High School staff are honored to form a partnership with the parents/guardians to continue the educational process that the students’ parents/guardians have undertaken as the students’ first teachers.