Welcome to Peoria Notre Dame High School

We are a welcoming, academically excellent Catholic high school that inspires and prepares students for college and for successful lives. Our faith-based education and co-curricular activities develop the whole person – body, mind and spirit. We have a 150-year tradition of successfully preparing the leaders and good citizens of tomorrow – each one knowing that there is a higher purpose for us all from God. Our students are taught to value rules, show consideration for one another and behave as responsible adults while in school and in all environments. We embrace Catholic values and principles, respect all religions and provide a safe and considerate learning environment that eliminates distractions and appreciates the individual.

Our Mission

The mission of Peoria Notre Dame High School is to foster spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical development…

  • By teaching the Catholic faith
  • By leading students to be disciples of Jesus Christ
  • By teaching the arts and sciences in a climate of Catholic academic inquiry

Our Values

  • Academic Excellence – That inspires and prepares us for successful lives
  • Catholic Faith – that places us in God’s transforming hands
  • Family – that sustains, loves, forgives and cares
  • Individual Dignity as a Gift of God – that shows respect for self and sees the worth of others
  • Personal Responsibility – that engenders pride and builds the trust of others
  • Service to Others – that brings true purpose to our lives
  • Teamwork – that unites us and causes things to happen
  • Tradition – that teaches, guides and remembers

Why Peoria Notre Dame?

Athletics and Activities