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2015-16 Spalding Scholarship Information

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December 19, 2014


Lunch Menu: Thursday:         Friday: Pizza

ist2_6122010-birthday-cake.jpgHappy Birthday Mariella Rebello, Declan Flaherty, Jonathan Xu!

Packing and Sorting is in the Commons on Friday at 3:30! It is the FINAL Evening Drive and we hope to be finished by 5:15! Many hands make light work!

Here are the results from the Advisory Christmas Basket Drive competition.

   Special mention goes to Sr. Catherine Thomas and Mrs. Madison's advisories who  donated over 1,000 cans each yesterday.  Other advisories who donated over 250 cans (approximately 10 cans per student) are:  Ms. Curtis, Mrs Olson, Ms Pinheiro, Mr. Hitzeroth, Mrs Kelly, Mr. Mulcahy, Mrs Svoboda, Mrs. Ulrich, Mrs Brown, Mr. Cummings, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Lemont, Mrs. Zoz, Mrs. Buckles and Mrs. Hausauer.

   The results of the competition by House are:  In 6th place - Benedict who donated 1,565 cans; in 5th place - Viator - 1,630 cans; 4th place goes to Sheen with 2,833 items; 3rd place - Rice who contributed 4,584 cans; 2nd place is Marian with 4,924 cans and the winners are Carondelet who donated 6,177 cans.

     Thank you to everyone for your generosity, your hard work and your Christmas spirit of giving to others.

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